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Young researchers academy

Our research education program is designed for children from age 7-17. The child learns how to think analytically and make conclusions, how to innovate and create. The Young Researchers’ Academy builds competences which the child needs to be successful and innovative whatever his career in life may be but, also, it is particularly suited to children with a special aptitude to science who may be interested in a career as professional researchers or inventors.  YRA focuses on STEM education (Science, technology , Engineering and Mathematics), introduces the child to research methods very early with a landmark for each stage. Example, in life science, the child should be able to make his/her own slides and study them under the microscope by age 12. By the time they are 14, they should be able to conduct a PCR reaction in the lab. Before they graduate from the academy by age 17, they should be able to extract DNA and have a clear understanding of bioinformatics. The children in our programs get active placements in our research programs from as early as they become ready. By the time they enter college, the transition is very smooth from YRA student to junior research assistant in our labs if they so desire. Graduates of our Young Researcher Academy (YRA fellows) will have magnificent employment opportunities and an enormous potential for  success internationally in the research field. They will also be the brightest and most impressive and capable kids at school.
Children at YRA are taught and supervised at all times by real researchers and inventors, and are given the space to create and innovate independently.


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