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Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Venue: High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University
Organized by: EgyBiotech for Research and Biotechnology

Module I: introduction to health research

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A modular course in health research based on the University of Leeds postgraduate diploma in health research. It is composed of 6 essential modules and 3 optional modules. Each module is 3 days long. Modules are taught once a month over Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Aim of the course:

To provide a comprehensive step by step training on all aspects of the research process from idea development till research output.

Type of the course:

Modular course. Each module can be taken as a stand alone module or they can be combined into a full course. The course is composed of 6 essential modules and 3 optional modules which may or may not be selected by candidates for further study. Each module is taught over 2-3 full days.

Target candidates:

Junior researchers, postgraduate degree students, CRAs and research trial coordinators, candidates interested in a research career, mid-career researchers aiming to start independent research projects

Teaching Methods:

plenary session followed by small group activities, problem based learning sessions and practical application in all modules. For full course agenda , see files on event page.


Module 1: Introduction to Health Research

  • Overview of the research business worldwide
  • What does a career in research mean?
  • Research career hierarchy in international research organizations
  • Funding opportunities
  • Financing considerations from the point of view of funding organizations
  • Team building, capacity building and outsourcing
  • Building a research portfolio
  • Networking and international collaborations
  • Research as part of academic degrees
  • Innovation in research
  • Developing research ideas
  • Formulating research questions
  • Searching the literature
  • How to develop a focused search strategy
  • Use of different bibliographic database platforms
  • Using Bolean logic
  • Truncation, wildcards and adjacency features
  • Sorting, saving and organizing your search results
  • Saving email alerts of searches
  • Searching open internet locations
  • The grey literature
  • Using citation managers software

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