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Date: 12th March, 2015
Venue: Alexandria University Staff Training Centre, Faculty of Nursing, Semouha
Organized by: EgyBiotech for Research and Biotechnology
Facebook: Writing a Research Proposal Capable of Competing For Funding
Fees: 650 EGP

Writing a Research Proposal Capable of Competing For Funding

  • How to present your research idea and make a valid case
  • Selecting the key references to present in your background and introduction
  • Presenting your hypothesis and the justification for your research
  • Setting out your aims, objectives and study design
  • Budgeting, timelines and practical considerations
  • Presenting your ethical issues and how you address them
  • Selecting and Presenting your team
  • Team Building and Follow up
  • Addressing logistics
  • Highlighting your quality assurance strategies
  • What the reviewer wants to see in your proposal
  • Responding to reviewer’s comments
  • Funding Resources
  • The important information in the grant guidelines document
  • Write your proposal during the workshop with our help


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