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dr noha

Director of Egybiotech.

Noha is an oncologist and cancer epidemiologist with MPH from University of Manchester, PhD from University of Leeds, UK , a postgraduate certificate in health research from University of Leeds and 4 years experience of working in Cancer research UK (CRUK) labs and clinics. After return to Egypt. She established the Alexandria University cancer research cluster, which brought the operational model of CRUK to Alexandria University, and Egyptian Cancer Research Network, which is a coalition of cancer research organizations in the country. Since return to Egypt. Noha has rolled out 10 research projects with competitive funding from some major national and international funders amounting to over 20 million EGP. Then started this company and developed its research portfolio.

dr amr

Professor of Oncology at faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University and CEO of SUN oncology centre

Amr is Professor of Clinical Oncology and CEO of SUN,  the first private comprehensive cancer care centre in  Egypt with annual registration rate of 3000 new patients,  a monthly rate of 1000 patient visits, and a total of 26,000 patients on its database, attracting patients from all over Egypt and from neighbouring countries as well. The conceptualization of SUN constituted a paradigm shift in the delivery of healthcare services in Egypt, in terms of continuity and coordination of care, focus on patients’ quality of life and standardization of therapeutic protocols to international standards. Prof. Elsaid is one of the most influential key opinion leaders in oncology in Egypt and the region. He is a previous clinical research fellow of Stanford University.  He is also the owner of the IPR of our first therapeutic molecule. His research experience extends from basic and translation research to multinational clinical trials as principal investigator of a nationally funded research project from STDF, and other international organizations including NATO Science for Peace program and multiple clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.  He has participated in no less than 20 multinational clinical trials as site PI, including Safe-Her, MODUL, ACCILOX, Gold GIST and others. Besides his clinical and scientific expertise, Amr has a track record of successful enterprises including SUN Oncology centre, and Egybiotech.

Among the team’s research projects, conducted jointly by Dr. Amr and Dr. Noha:

- Genetic, Hormonal and Cultural Determinants of Breast Cancer Risk in Egyptian Women Under 50, Funding Organization: Egyptian Science and Technology Development Fund, Ministry of Scientific Research. PI: Dr. Amr Abdelaziz Elsaid, Co-PI: Dr. Noha Awad

- Utilization of 5 HTT Gene Polymorphism as a Prognostic Indicator in Cancer, Funding organization: Egyptian Science and Technology Development Fund, Ministry of Scientific Research. PI: Noha Awad, Co-PI: Amr Abdelaziz Elsaid

- A Panel of Biomarkers For Detection of Early Radiation Damage. A NATO Science for Peace Program Grant in collaboration with Casacea Research Centre and Regina Elena Hospital in Rome.

mr ahmedMr. Ahmed Desouky is an experienced accountant with special expertise in research grant account management.

Having managed accounts for several local, national and international granting bodies. Ahmed currently works for the grants management office of Alexandria University and has trained a large team of junior accountants. His experience includes managing special accounts at the High Institute of Public Health, managing research grants accounts office at the Japanese University in Alexandria, VTec centre, and the SMART centre based in Alexandria University. Ahmed is the financial manager and lead accountant of Egybiotech.




dr ashraf

Dr. Ashraf Wahdan

Lecturer of Biostatistics, High Institute of Public Health (HIPH), Alexandria University from 2010

Has substantial experience in teaching different biostatistical courses for Diploma, Master and Doctorate Degree students in several higher education institutions, namely HIPH, the Alexandria Technical Health Institute, faculty of dentistry, faculty of nursing as well as assisted in the biostatistics training course in the leadership diploma that is done by HIPH in collaboration and support of the World Health Organization (WHO/EMRO).

Ashraf has taught many practical training courses in SPSS as well as Hands on training, sampling and research techniques. Former member of the committee of Graduate Studies and Research of the HIPH.

Ashraf has participated in the statistical design and analysis of more than 200 research thesis and papers as well as provision of oral statistical advice for more than 400 research questions and problems, participated in the planning, data collection, organization of work, database design, data entry, checking, analysis as well as report generation for field research studies carried out as a part of the annual field study for diploma and masters of public health students at HIPH from 2002 till present. Assisted in database design, entry, analysis and report writing of several projects, attended many different courses on different subjects including Health Mapper 4.1 software, E-learning updates, Research Methodology, Effective Communication, Thinking Skills, Effective Teaching, Several computer courses including Information technology, Windows and Microsoft office, “Instructional Design and Moodle for creating E-Learning Courses in 2011” which was followed by implementation of an online course after moodle integration to the HIPH website. Ashraf is also a member of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) since 2010.

Dr. Mohamed Elzek

Dr. Mohamed ElzekSenior research fellow, Egybiotech

In order to help as many patients as possible, he resolved to begin a career in biomedical research, volunteering in research projects and attending training courses.

In 2011, he started work as a volunteer at the Clinical Genomics Center at Alexandria University, where he acquired basic lab techniques. Later the same year, he joined the Cancer Epidemiology Research Center, and since then has participated in two on-going research projects. Due to his previous experience, he helped with translating, validating, and analyzing a questionnaire entitled 'The Mental Adjustment for Cancer Patients (MAC)' that was used in a study into the impact of psychological well-being on treatment outcomes in cancer patients. Currently, he is working on the detection of CYP17 polymorphism using PCR and RFLP techniques in a study into the hormonal, genetic, and cultural determinants of breast cancer risk in Egyptian women under the age of 50.

Alongside this, he serves as quality assurance officer and is responsible for monitoring the records and samples of subjects at the three laboratories involved in this study, each of which performs different tasks. He has been a member of Egybiotech since it was founded, and participated in the preparation, implementation, and data analysis of the company's first project, funded by UNICEF into the barriers to effective perinatal care and nutritional intervention in rural Upper Egypt. Mohamed has a great interest in the exponentially growing -omics sciences, and particularly proteomics. He has a genuine desire to participate in applying this science to medical contexts.

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Tahoun

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa TahounMD,MPH (majoring Epidemiology). Graduated from Alexandria Faculty of Medicine in 2009 With general grade of excellent with honor.

He is currently an assistant Lecturer and a PhD candidate of Epidemiology, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University. Dr Tahoun participated in several public health surveys (Supplementary Polio Vaccination Coverage and Supplementary MR Vaccination Coverage) in UNICEF’s research project “Gender analysis for factors affecting use and provision of health services in areas of the integrated perinatal health and child nutrition program”. He also participated in a baseline evaluation of HIV services funded by UNAIDS. During 2015, he attended a training in ENEA - Casaccia Research Center, Rome, Italy, where he was trained on laboratory techniques to assess DNA damage after radiation exposure , a project funded by NATO for Science and Peace. He is also a member of International Epidemiological Association and the Egyptian Society of Epidemiology. He has been recently accepted as a co-PI for the research project titled “Evaluation of PCR Assay for Detection of Schistosoma Mansoni DNA in Human Stool Samples”, funded by Joint EMRO/TDR Small Grants Scheme for Implementation Research in Infectious Diseases of Poverty. He is also participating in several research proposals, either as PI or co-PI, submitted in response to the call for proposals by The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office Special Grant for Research in Priority Areas of Public Health, 2016 - 2017.

dr yasmin

With general grade of excellent with honor.Currently a Lecturer of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in ALexandria Faculty of Medicine. I participated in several researches involving molecular biology and nanomedicine (in cancer, infertility, and coronary artery disease). During 2008-2009,I was a research fellow in Leipzig University Clinic of Dermatology, Allergology and Venerology , Andrology department(Certified Training Center of European Academy of Andrology), Germany.

She studied molecular aspects of spermatic DNA damage. She is also a board member of the Egyptian nutrition and health care association ,a reviewer in the international journal andrologia and a member of the genomics center and nanomedicine center in Alexandria faculty of medicine.

dr mahmoud02Medical geneticist who graduated from AlexandriA University and obtained his master degree in genetics in 2014.

He is currently registered on doctoral degree in medical genomics. Mahmous joined our team in 2012 and has been an essential part of our various research activities including lab based genomics research and health service evaluation research.




dr moustafaMaster degree in medical genetics

Mostafa is a medical geneticist who joined our team in 2013. HE is currently registered on a doctoral degree at the Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University.





Clinical Trial Coordinator, Egybiotech

She has worked as a pedodontic dentist at the Faculty of Dentistry Alexandria University then a research assistant since 2010 at Alexandria Cancer Research Cluster , as well as a clinical trials coordinator at the clinical trials center of Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine. She joined Egybiotech research team in 2013, where she participated in several nationally funded research projects.

She hopes that her work with Egybiotech team could add something to medicine that can help mankind.

Dr. Horeya IsmailDr. Horeya Ismail

Research fellow

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University, Egypt, class of 2012. Since her graduation she has worked as a Clinical Pharmacist along with her growing interest in research and public health. This growing interest has shifted her focus towards pursuing MSc degree in public Health biostatistics major at the High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University. She has joined Egybiotech since 2015, She has participated in data collection and data analysis of multiple research projects and has been involved in clinical trials as on-site pharmacist. As a researcher Fellow, She has Participated in the preparation, implementation, and data analysis of the company's project, funded by UNICEF into Gender analysis study for factors affecting use and provision of health services in areas of the Integrated Perinatal Health and Child Nutrition Program on Dec, 2015. She has Participated in baseline evaluation of HIV services Project funded by UNAIDS on Oct,2016.

dr sabryBachelors degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University in 2011

In 2008, he interned in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory in Pharmacy school. Now, he is pursuing his masters degree in Public Health, majoring in Epidemiology at HIPH, Alexandria University.

He has a keen interest to work as a research epidemiologist as he finds epidemiological approaches are main components in solving health crises. He joined EGYBIOTECH team in 2012.

Also, He held many positions with multiple international organizations as The Carter Center, American Councils for International Education and Ashoka Changemakers. He enjoys playing guitar, soccer and chess. He spends his free time travelling and discovering new placeInterns

Dr. Mostafa Monier OthmanSenior Research fellow Epidemiologist

He graduated from the faculty of pharmacy, Egyptian Russian University(ERU) in Cairo. He served as a Health Officer/Pharmacist with the Egyptian Armed Forces. Throughout this time, he performed public health surveillance regarding health status, the prevalence of chronic diseases and supplies demand. His post graduate diploma was undertaken at the epidemiology department, High Institute of Public Health (HIPH). He is a Hospital Pharmacist at Dahab Municipal Hospital. He joined Egybiotech as a research fellow where he participated in a qualitative study into barriers to perinatal and maternal care with a special emphasis on gender analysis funded by UNICEF. He also participated in a baseline evaluation of HIV services funded by UNAIDS. he recently joined Alexandria Cancer Research Cluster the headquarter stone of the Egyptian Cancer Research Network (ECRN).

He is a country representative of the global campaign Health Information for All (HIFA). He volunteered as a medical trainer for refugees with UNHCR and Caritas. He is certificated as a Trainer from the National Council for women (NCW). He is a member of Social Media for Global Health, Global Digital Health Network, International Association of Public Health Logisticians and International Epidemiological Association. He had online trainings on weapons of mass destruction from JOHN HOPKINS Center for Public Health Preparedness. He has interest in Environmental Health, Cancer, NCD, HIV, Electronic health records and macroeconomics of health policy.

Dr. Ahmed SakrPharmacist who graduated from Alexandria University and obtained his master degree in experimental pharmacology and therapeutics in 2015.

He believed on our concept (research save life). Since his attendance on our periodically research workshops, his motives to become a researcher was predominated on his thinking , He joined Egybiotech as a research fellow where he participated in a qualitative study into barriers to perinatal and maternal care with a special emphasis on gender analysis funded by UNICEF. He also participated in a baseline evaluation of HIV services funded by UNAIDS. He was one of the members of cancer research cluster on High institute of health, Alexandria University. He organized the national event of ECRN (Egyptian cancer research network). With his previous lab experience during pharmacology master degree (2015) he participating on ongoing NATO project (www.nato-biorad.org/en)

Soft skills (leadership, communication, decision making, presentation and sales planning) enriched on his behaviors during his previous work as a medical specialist at one of the big national pharmaceutical company besides his managerial position at one of retail pharmacies. With the mentioned previous experience that broadens his scope on health care system, he decided to become a researcher.

membership: Active member in ASPSA (Alexandria Scientific Pharmaceutical Students Association). member in AADP (Association of Applying and Developing Pharmacy)

- Rowaida Refaat, Ahmed Sakr, Mona Salama, Ashgan El Sarha2 " combination of vildagliptin and pioglitazone in experimental type 2 Diabetes in male rats".DDR,77 : 300–309 (2016)
- Mervat Y , Eman LM, Soha EM ,Ahmed Sakr, Madiha H, Maher A “Bee venom effects on various metabolic and antioxidant parameters associated with Non-alcoholic fatty liver in rats” submitted on PLOS ONE.

Dr. Aya AbouelnadarCurrently studying for Master of Public Health degree in Nutrition (2016-2019)
Alexandria University Medical school graduate (2014)

She is a research fellow in Egybiotech for Research and Biotechnology since 2015, participated in UNICEF’s research project “Gender analysis for factors affecting use and provision of health services in areas of the integrated perinatal health and child nutrition program”. She also participated in a baseline evaluation of HIV services funded by UNAIDS.

dr hebaSenior research fellow, Egybiotech

She participated with our team in multiple national research projects including observational studies, clinical trials and public health research.



Yasmin Hussein ElsobkyB. Pharm, Ms in Clinical Pharmacy, BCPS, Biostatistics Diploma
Research fellow Biostatistician

She received her B. Pharm degree in pharmacy in 2008 from Misr International University (MIU). She becomes board certified pharmacotherapy specialist from the board of pharmacy specialties, USA in 2013. She got her Masters degree in Clinical pharmacy in 2014. Her post graduate diploma was undertaken at the Biostatistics Department, High Institute of Public Health (HIPH) in 2016.

Previously, She worked as a senior drug information specialist, e-learning coordinator and clinical pharmacy preceptor at Faculty of Pharmacy, MIU for 7 years. Her practice and teaching have centered on drug information and evidence based medicine, mainly to both undergraduate and graduate pharmacists throughout Egypt.

Now, she is a drug information consultant at NAPHS consulting and training company and a reviewer for the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE). She published several international publications on clinical pharmacy and drug information. In addition, Dr. Yasmin has actively participated as a speaker in several national conferences and shared her new techniques that aids in pharmacy education in DUPHAT conference, UAE.

She believes that medicine is a science of uncertainty, but the art of probability. That's drive her to continue her postgraduate studies in Biostatistics and health informatics in order to fulfill her research passion. She is a member in Egybiotech team as a research fellow biostatistician. She is also a member in Alexandria Cancer Research Cluster the headquarter stone of the Egyptian Cancer Research Network (ECRN). Yasmin's main research interest is in pharmacy health informatics and the integration of artificial intelligence in the pharmacy practice for a better patient service. She is also interested in new pedagogy integration within pharmacy education that advances practice experiences.

Dr. Rowan Mohamed AhmedBSc. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Master degree of Epidemiology (2018)

Graduated from Institution Sainte Jeanne Antide, earned her bachelor degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Alexandria University, 2011 and she’s currently registered on a master degree of Public Health (majoring Epidemiology) from the High Institute of Public Health.

She joined our Research team in 2016 where she actively participated in several research projects.

She has a long track of extra curriculum activities and volunteer work with Bibliotheca Alexandria, CSSP, & the Planetarium; the Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement (SMWIPM) and she was one of the founders of League of Young Masters (LYM).

Dr. Salma A. BekhitMSc in Public Health Sciences, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University

Salma was graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine with a general grade of very good with honor. She is currently registered on PhD in Food Hygiene and Control, HIPH,Alexandria University.
Her major area of expertise is Public Health and Food Safety, particularly studying the molecular epidemiology of zoonotic and foodborne pathogens, biofilm formation by foodborne pathogens and applying the One-Health research approach at the human-food animal-environment interfaces.

She has been involved in a vigorous study funded by the Swedish Research Council, aimed at the provision of the first baseline data on the prevalence and counts of Campylobacter in broiler meat.
She recently joined Egybiotech and Cancer Research Cluster, she will participate in lab-based research projects.

Pharmacist who graduated in 2013Dr. Mina

Mina earned his Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria University in 2013. He used to be part of Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation. He got internship for two months in Pfizer's Factory in Egypt in 2012 where he learned basic aspects for quality assurance and quality control.He has good experience with recombinant DNA technology as he worked as researcher assistant in a study for hepatitis B using recombinant DNA technology and participate in a molecular study on Schistosoma to make vaccine using recombinant DNA technology at microbiology department of faculty of Pharmacy. He Worked with American Councils for International Education. He joined EGYBIOTECH team in 2013. He participated in the preparation and data analysis of the company's first project, funded by UNICEF into the barriers to effective perinatal care and nutritional intervention in rural Upper Egypt. Mina start doing a diploma in Public health speciality Biostatistics in 2014 .

shaimaa emaraAnalytical Chemist,  MPH

She is currently registered on master degree in chemistry & environmental health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University.

Shimaa joined Egybiotech in 2013 and participated in several research activities mainly in the area of public health.






dr abdelhalimMedical doctor, registered on master degree in colorectal surgery

Mohamed also has a profound interest  and considerable experience in bioinformatics. He joined our team since 2010 and participated in several research projects with national funding.




Ahmed M. ElkershBachelor degree in clinical pharmacy from Alexandria University 2014

He is enrolled in a master degree in public health, majoring in epidemiology from High Institute of Public Health(HIPH). Ahmed is a clinical pharmacist in the oncology department of Alexandria main university hospital .He is a country representative of the global campaign Health Information for All (HIFA).

dr shomanMedical doctor, graduated in 2014

He joined our team as an intern during his final year of medical study and participated in data collection and analysis of public health research.

Ahmed continues to constitute part of our team after graduation and is currently involved in multiple research activities.




Ahmed Elmahy

Ahmed ElmahyA sixth year medical student at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University

He has Passed 18 massive open online courses (MOOCs) in Research methodology, statistics and scientific programming in Python, R and Prolog. Ahmed is interested in Internet based studies where he started using the Internet to study health behaviors among sexual minorities in Egypt. Ahmed has co-translated jonathan wells book 'Icons of evolution' to Arabic. Recently, he started writing a program to improve elective courses at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine. Ahmed's main research interest is clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and the applications of artificial intelligence in clinical problem solving.

Amr Alsaeed Sheiha

Ahmed ElmahyA senior year medical student at Alexandria School of Medicine

He has volunteered in medical convoys and medical education. He had medical training in American University in Beirut (AUB). He is also a country representative of the global campaign Health Information for all (HIFA). He is interested in nanotechnology research and its application in the medical field.

Dr. Youssif Abdelaziz

4th year medical student

Youssif joined our team as an intern during his 3rd year and was trained in lab techniques and methodologies.

Youssif continues to share in our research activities.

Marketing manager: 

mohamed negmDr. Mohamed Nigm Eldin
Pharmacist holding an MBA 
He graduated from Faculty of Pharmaceutical science Alexandria University on 2003. Since then He has been working in several pharmaceutical companies. He studied Marketing at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and took his Master Degree in Business administration (MBA) in 2012.




Logistics and Purchasing Officer: 

mohamed shabouryMr. Mohamed Elshaboury
The dynamo; Mr. Shaboury is the make-it-happen person to go to at Egybiotech. No matter how impossible a feat is, Mr. Shaboury can always make it happen safely and on time.





Financial Manager: 

Mr. Ahmed Eldesouky, accountant


Legal Advisor: 

Mr. Adel Morcos (2 Behler street, Cairo)



Mr. Walid Asran



Junior accountant: 

Miss Marwa


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