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Egybiotech Molecular Diagnostics focuses on the development of predictive multi-gene assays that can be used to quantifying risk of disease occurrence, predict treatment outcomes and sensitivity to treatment.  Predictive molecular models are fast becoming a central concept in modern medical practice. Up till very recently, doctors have been prescribing medication based on best available evidence from clinical trials. This evidence was based on comparing groups of patients. More recently, a paradigm shift towards personalized medicine has taken place. With the advances in molecular biology and the delivery of the results of the human genome project, the accelerated development of sequencing and array technologies and many other advances, we have in our disposal a wide range of tools to tailor prevention and treatment to the individual patient (rather than groups of patients). This translates as a generous window of opportunity in the area of molecular medicine and a very steep curve for discovery and development of products based on molecular profiling.

At Egybiotech, we take opportunity of all the exciting new developments in this area of science to develop products that can improve human quality of life through enhancing prevention of disease and optimizing treatment outcomes.


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